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China Shenyang Investment Conference @ Shenyang 2010

Companies in the regions are invited to be a part of our “China Shenyang Investment 

Conference and GDBS @ Shenyang 2010” which will be held in Shenyang: Date (Day) : 29th – 31st July 2010 

Time  : 8:30 am onwards.    

Venue  : Marriott Hotel at Shenyang, China. 


Hosted by Shenyang Municipal Government and the Shenyang Investment Promotion 

Board, China Shenyang Investment Conference and GDBS @ Shenyang 2010 will be a 

gathering of high level officials from Shenyang and an opportune time to visit this gateway city of 

North East China and tap several lucrative opportunities that exist in Shenyang. This event aims 

to bring together foreign companies interested in investing in Shenyang and local 

companies who are major players in Shenyang to enable a face-to-face interaction for 

collaborations in China and overseas.  This is a great opportunity to network and establish 

key contacts with entrepreneurs and business leaders from China, India, ASEAN and beyond to 

explore investment opportunities and understand the local market from the perspectives of 

Shenyang entrepreneurs.  


About Shenyang: Booming Economy 

The total population of Shenyang is 7.2 million with an urban population of 4 million. By urban 

population, it is the largest city in northeastern China and among the top ten largest cities in 

China. Statistically, the total GDP of the city of Shenyang was 383.66 Billion Yuan in year 2009 

(ranked 1st out of the 58 cities and counties in Liaoning province). The GDP per capita of the city 

of Shenyang was 78490 Yuan (11474 US$) in 2009 (ranked 3rd out of all 58 cities and 

counties in Liaoning province).  





中国 中国 中国 中国 · 沈 沈 沈 沈阳 阳 阳 阳  投 投 投 投资说 资说 资说 资说明 明 明 明会 会 会 会 CHINA SHENYANG INVESTMENT CONFERENCE 

2010全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投资 资 资 资商 商 商 商论坛 论坛 论坛 论坛 GLOBAL DIASPORA BUSINESS SUMMIT 2010@SHENYANG




Shenyang is both one of Chinese megalopolises and the important industrial base and the center 

of economy, culture, science and Technology, trade, finance and transportation. There are 

abundant natural resources and a strong technical base to support industries. With the furthering 

of their economic system reform, Shenyang will become No.1 in the increased amount of fixed assets investment, local fiscal income and among the 15 sub-provincial cities of China. In terms of the increase amount of other economic index Shenyang also comes out top. 

Shenyang is also very active in foreign exchange and cooperation in agriculture and it has established friendly trade relationships with more 40 countries and regions. It is also known 

as "the equipment manufacturer of China". 


Shenyang's "FIRST" in the Development History of China Industry 

* Multi-functional milling machine * Jet plane    * 200,000 KVA transformer 

* Underwater robot   * NP-1 photo-electron spectrometer * ionization microscope  

* 5.000W CO2 laser processor  * Wind hole device   * full-body CT scanner 

* PVC resin production   * 500,000V Sulfur Hexa fluoride * SS-8540 digital control sys. 

* T1500 standing turbo molecular pump* light automobile bridge  * 5m laser silk pole meter 

* 500,000 high-voltage switch  * biggest pump experimentation base * auto-lift tower crance 

* Anti-AIDS medicine Kedu  * self-intellectual property right Zhonghua Branded Car 


China Shenyang Investment Conference Secretariat: 

171 Tras Street:#07-179 Union Building, Singapore 079025 Tel:(65)64231078Fax(65) 64231079 

The finance industry of Shenyang plays a key role in Northeast China and the financial 

market is flourishing day by day. There are over 1,900 financial organizations and networks in 

Shenyang, among which, there are 17 banks, 9 insurance organizations, 4 securities companies 

or branches, 77 securities business departments, 3 financial companies,1 trust and investment 

company and 3 foreign-invested financial organizations. By 2010, it aims to attract 30 foreign 

banks and 60 non-bank financial institutions.  


The opening up of Shenyang as a new development 

Shenyang is opening up its economy as the first strategy of economic development. It 

has successfully held "China International Equipment Manufacture Industry Expo", "Korean 

Week" and creative activities which forcefully drive the economy of Shenyang toward rapid 

中国 中国 中国 中国 · 沈 沈 沈 沈阳 阳 阳 阳  投 投 投 投资说 资说 资说 资说明 明 明 明会 会 会 会 CHINA SHENYANG INVESTMENT CONFERENCE 

2010全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投资 资 资 资商 商 商 商论坛 论坛 论坛 论坛 GLOBAL DIASPORA BUSINESS SUMMIT 2010@SHENYANG




development. By now, 33 Top 500 enterprises from 78 countries and regions have invested in Shenyang and Shenyang has trading partners from more than 100 countries and regions. 

Shenyang is actively creating a city in the north of China with the most excellent 

investment environment and is attaching importance to the construction of the city infrastructure 

and the reconstruction of the environment making it the "hot spot" for foreign and domestic 


Driven by the Municipality of Shenyang the target is to set up a new industrial city and create a 

backbone industry cluster to help develop the Eight Core industries: 

 Equipment Manufacturing and Modern Architectural Industry  Automobiles and Parts Industry  Electronic and Information Technology Industry   Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry   Food and Agricultural Products Further Processing Industry  Aerospace and Aviation   Iron & Steel Industry  Non-ferrous Metal Further Processing Industry 

Major Companies 

Many major industrial companies have their headquarters in Shenyang. Brilliance China Auto is 

a major Chinese automobile manufacturer with most of its production plants located in 

Shenyang. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation produces airplanes for civilian use as well as for the 

PLAAF. Neusoft Group is the biggest software company in China. Shenyang Machine Tool 

Group is the largest machine tool manufacturer in China. Tyco International and General 

Motors (GM) Corp. are expanding their operations in Shenyang due to a deep pool of skilled 

technical labor; good transportation; low land-use fees; and solid local support. 


Initiatives and Special Zones 

Shenyang Finance and Trade Development Zone was founded in 1992. It is the only finance and 

trade development zone besides Lujiazui in Shanghai and is the nucleus zone of Shenyang 

Central Business Zone. It covers an area of 1.12 million square meters, of which more than 

中国 中国 中国 中国 · 沈 沈 沈 沈阳 阳 阳 阳  投 投 投 投资说 资说 资说 资说明 明 明 明会 会 会 会 CHINA SHENYANG INVESTMENT CONFERENCE 

2010全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投 全球海外投资 资 资 资商 商 商 商论坛 论坛 论坛 论坛 GLOBAL DIASPORA BUSINESS SUMMIT 2010@SHENYANG




600,000 square meters is constructible. The total investment planned is more than 20 billion 

Yuan and more than 60 high-stories international and multifunctional symbol buildings are in the 

pipeline. So far, the zone has transferred more than 400,000 square meters of land for projects 

and introduced over 40 big projects attracting over US$ 200 million of foreign investments. 


About Global Diaspora Business Summit (GDBS): 

The Global Diaspora Business Summit (GDBS), a premier annual diaspora business event, is 

a ‘bridging of worlds’ for the various diaspora business communities’ globally through established 

networks. The Summit is unique in that it is a one stop meeting point for diaspora 

businesses to network; create new global business opportunities in mega projects, real 

estate, tourism development, contract manufacturing, IT and IT enabled services; and 

other globalised aspects of business and to learn from successful role models.  


The Global Diaspora Business Summit 2009 witnessed a diverse gathering of Speakers and over 

200 delegates from Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Portugal, India, etc. GDBS saw 

an overwhelming response from its attendees and was an ideal platform for participants to 

benefit from business matching opportunities in uncharted territories and create brand awareness 

among a global community of entrepreneurs

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