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Global Business Summits


The Global Indian Business Network (GIBN) operates from Singapore. GIBN provides with more than a decade of senior management experience organising and managing international trade events, summits & conferences. In line with the mission of GIBN which is to promote cross border trade, our events are specifically designed to promote and facilitate foreign direct investment within emerging and developing markets.

We work in partnership with governments, national companies, international trade associations, industry lobby groups and the private sector to ensure that our events fulfill the business development and networking expectations of our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and visitors. We specialise in the organisation of governmental conferences, annual industry events, trade exhibitions, technical conferences, workshops, seminars and corporate social functions.

Our geographical focus is on China, India, ASEAN and the entire Asia Pacific at large. Our industry focus is in Oil & Gas, renewable & alternative energy, banking & finance, infrastructure projects, telecommunications, and trade & investment.

We provide:

  • Event organisation, management and promotional services
  • Digital marketing, public relations & branding solutions
  • Corporate merchandising solutions
  • Consultancy services
  • Integrated IT & Web Solutions

Listed below are a few examples of events which we had organised and spearheaded over the past 11 years since our inception in 2004.

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