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Following the 1st and 2nd Global Business Summits (GBS) which were successfully hosted in Singapore and Shenyang, China; the 3rd Global Business Summit was held at Kuala Lumpur along with Global Climate Change and Food Security Summit 2011 & Global Trade & Services Summit 2011. The event was designed specifically for successful diaspora global entrepreneurs to meet and discuss mutually beneficial business opportunities available in the region and in the diaspora countries. This forum was a platform to showcase your successful business models for recognition and served as an inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs. Distinguished speakers at the summit were entrepreneurs, business owners and investors themselves and therefore were able to share their experiences and workable business model grounded in the realities of doing business in today’s uncertain economic conditions.

Venue: Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organised by: The GA Group Pte Ltd / Candide Consulting

Supporting Partners: United Nations Conference On Trade & Development (UNCTAD), Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CACCI), Konrad Adenaur Stiftung, Universti Tun Abdul Razak, SEDIA, Malaysian Financial Planners & Advisors Association (MFPAA), Malaysian Association of Risk & Insurance Management, Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration

Knowledge Partner: Frost & Sullivan

Media Partners: Malaysia SME - The SME Paper, Malaysian Indian Business

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